What is the Learning Toolbar?

The Learning Toolbar is a quick way to access handy tools to highlight, comment and markup your eBook.

The Learning Toolbar is found inside the ReadCloud eReader when you are viewing digital textbooks, eBooks and other PDFs. Use the Learning Toolbar to quickly access actions and tools that allow you to make comments, highlights or annotations as well as use tools like the Immersive Reader. 

Watch this video explaining The Learning Toolbar or read below for more information. 

Access the Learning Toolbar

Highlight any word, sentence or paragraph to bring up the Learning toolbar inside your eBook.

Here's a step by step guide to each of the actions in the Learning Toolbar. 

Create Annotation 

Create Annotation allows you to highlight a word, sentence or paragraph and also add your own note to the highlight. This is a great way to make a note for yourself for a key fact or area to revise or something you want to point out in class. You can change the colour of the highlight itself, using different colours to signify different things, 

You can also choose to share this annotation with other members of your Class Cloud. Just tap the share icon and select who you want to share the annotation with. 

Create Bookmark 

Tapping this button will save this specific location in your bookmarks tab in the eReader, allowing you to return to it quickly. 

Access saved bookmarks via the bookmark icon in the top right of the navigation bar to see a list of all your saved locations. Clicking these will allow you to jump right back into that location instantly without having to scroll through many pages. 

Dictionary Lookup 

Dictionary lookup enables you to look up the definition or meaning of a word right within the text itself, helping you to improve understanding and boost literacy. 

If you highlight an entire sentence, this action won't appear as available to click, so make to only select one or a couple of words. 


The copy function allows you to copy the highlighted text to your clipboard so that you can paste it somewhere else. 


The listen button is used to access simple text-to-speech and will read out loud the highlighted text when pressed. For more advanced text-to-speech options, use the Immersive Reader. 

Immersive Reader

The Immersive Reader is a powerful tool provided inside ReadCloud that allows text to be read out loud, customised for reading accessibility and can even turn text into different languages. 

Read this article How do I use the Immersive Reader to learn more.