How to store your login credentials for interactive resources

ReadCloud can save your login passwords the first time you login to an interactive resource so you don't need to remember them each time.

Your Interactive Publisher resources are found in both the relevant Class Clouds as well as the My Interactive Logins system cloud in your ReadCloud Bookshelf. ReadCloud helps you save time by avoiding having to login to your resource everytime you want to use it. When you click on a publisher interactive, this is done by logging you in directly via an LTI integration into the publisher resource or storing your credentials the first time you login.

LTI integrated publisher interactives 

If the publisher has integrated with ReadCloud, when you click on an interactive resource, you will be taken directly into their interactive platform, without the need to enter a further username and password. 

Storing login credentials for publisher interactives

Some publisher interactive resources do not have an LTI integration for logging in. The first time you click on the publisher's interactive tile, ReadCloud will fire up an in-app browser and take you to the publisher’s login page inside ReadCloud. 

A dialogue box will appear on top of the page; enter your login credentials in this box, which will be provided to you at school. 

Press Save and you will be taken to the publishers interactive resources page. You only need to enter these once - ReadCloud remembers them and automatically logs you back in each time you access the resource. 

What happens if an external browser opens outside the ReadCloud app?

For some publishers, ReadCloud will fire up an external browser such as Safari, Firefox, Chrome or Edge, taking you directly to the publisher’s website.

Enter your publisher login details directly into their login page. Remember to save your credentials in the browser when prompted in order to return without the need to re-enter them. 

Editing login data 

You may need to update your stored login credentials for certain publisher interactive resources when your password for your interactive resource has changed. To update your stored login password with ReadCloud, right click or long hold on any Interactive Tile in your ReadCloud Bookshelf and select Edit login data. 

Enter your user ID and password then press Save to ensure the new login data is sotred. 

The next time you click on the publisher interactive resource, the dialogue box will no longer appear and you will be taken directly into the resource page without needing to login again. 

If you're having trouble logging into your publisher interactive resources via ReadCloud, and you've updated your login data, reach out to our customer support team for assistance if the problem persists.