I am missing the resources I need or I have the wrong content for my class - what can I do?

Send us your latest timetable and confirm the right content has been purchased - see below for options to troubleshoot this issue.

Changes to your timetable or classes may mean your students don't have the content they need or you may not have purchased the right content. Read on to find out how to resolve this.

Update the app on all your devices 

If you're using ReadCloud from last year, remember to head to our website and visit the  Download Page | ReadCloud and to grab the latest version of our apps. 

Send us your latest timetable 

Sometimes things happen and students and users change classes and move, which means we need to have the latest copy of your timetable to make sure you're allocated to the right classes. Please ask your school IT administrator or ReadCloud admin to send us a copy of the latest timetable. 

We can then make sure content is allocated to the right users in the correct classes. 

Confirm the right resources have been purchased 

School Purchased Resources 

For school purchased resources, please check with your school’s ReadCloud administrator to make sure ReadCloud has received the latest timetable data and has been given the approval to provision the relevant resources for you. 

Once we have this data we can promptly activate the right content for you. 

Student Purchased Resources 

For student purchased resources, please ensure you have purchased the relevant resources from your Booklist supplier.

If necessary please contact your Booklist supplier with proof of purchase to have your resources activated inside ReadCloud. The booklist supplier will work with us to ensure the right resources are provisioned and activated for your account. 

Still missing content? 

Please contact the ReadCloud Ops Support Team via email at opssupport@readcloud.com and we'll investigate this for you. Please make sure you include the following Information:
    • Student email address
    • The correct and/or missing content required ( which includes title and publisher details)