Where do I find my King's InterHigh booklist?

You can find your enrolled pupil's booklist throug the ReadCloud bookstore after you create an account.

Parents and guardians of King's InterHigh enrolled students for the Academic Year 2022/2023 will receive a welcome email from ReadCloud which will contain a link to setup a ReadCloud account on behalf of your enrolled pupil and order your booklist items.

Please check your spam folder in your inbox for the welcome email from ReadCloud if you believe you haven’t received it

1. Setup your ReadCloud Account 

Click the unique ordering link your welcome email to setup a ReadCloud account on the ReadCloud bookstore for your enrolled pupil by setting a password and logging in. 

2. View your booklists and select the appropriate list 

You will be taken to the home page of the ReadCloud bookstore where you can view all booklists sorted by Year Level. Click on the individual booklists to view a list of titles necessary for teaching and learning this Academic year.

The digital textbooks list for your pupil's year level will be highlighted in green. Note that your pupil may be enrolled in classes from other year levels and will require eBooks from those other booklists. Remember to click on the other year level booklists to view the list of texts. Select and add where appropriate the digital textbooks to your cart for checkou

Please note that some of the booklist titles your pupil needs may not be immediately available on the bookstore. 

The availability of certain items and titles may be delayed and we will notify you when they are available for purchase and access via email. 

3. Order your booklist items and access your textbooks. 

Add the items to your cart and go to the checkout to pay and receive and order confirmation. 

The textbooks will be instantly provisioned inside your pupil's ReadCloud account and they can login to ReadCloud to start accessing their digital textbooks! 


You can find more information about ReadCloud and King's by visiting readcloud.com/kings-interhigh.