How do I order for multiple students enrolled at King's InterHigh

You will receive separate welcome emails for each enrolled student prompting you to order their booklist items.

If you have more than one pupil  enrolled at King’s InterHigh this Academic Year, you will receive separate emails for each pupil , containing a unique link for you to visit the ReadCloud bookstore and setup an account on your  pupil’s  behalf and place an order for their specific booklist items. It is not possible to order booklist items for more than one pupil  at a time.

Please check the spam folder of your inbox if you cannot find the welcome email from ReadCloud before reaching out to our customer support team for assistance. 

You will also need to make sure you have logged out of the ReadCloud bookstore for any other enrolled pupil’s that you have bought books for in order to log in and setup the account for other enrolled pupil’s and complete your booklist purchase for them.